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VisionLine RWC

Process monitoring camera with rotating pane for
machine tools with high-pressure cooling lubricants.

Hinge options

Internal ball joint

With our newly developed internal ball joint, we created a solution that gives the possibility of an unrestricted camera positioning with an integrated air and cable management.

Due to the integrated cable guide in the ball joint the mounting of our camera systems has become even easier. The knurling of the clamp sleeve helps the operator to adjust the camera orientation quickly and without tools.

External ball joint

Due to the external ball joint, the camera orientation is very flexible adjustable. The separate cable-hose-package and the different mounting types of the external joint give you even more freedom in positioning the camera system.

The separate cable-hose-package ensures optimal cable routing as well as a secure air supply to the camera. Perfect for difficult to access machining areas.

Installation variants

Example 1

The spatial conditions in your machine make it possible to position the control box directly behind the ball joint of the camera. Between the two elements can be a maximum of one machine wall with up to 5mm thickness. The control box is 150x180x90 mm and should be freely accessible as the camera system is switched on and off via the control box.

Example 2

The mounting position of the camera at this point does not allow a breakthrough through the machine wall or ceiling. In this case, you must use the camera with external ball joint and hose package. Here, a hose is connected directly to the camera, which leads the cables and the sealing air to a suitably placed implementation in the control box.

Example 3

In case of no space for the control box directly behind the ball joint or the location is not freely accessible, a hose can be connected to the wall bushing of the ball joint. This leads the cables and the sealing air to another suitably placed implementation in the control box.

Technical specifications

Internall ball joint Ø88mm x 205mm
External ball joint Ø88mm x 209mm
Internall ball joint ca. 1,56 kg
External ball joint ca. 1,6 kg
Camera modul:  
Sensor CMOS
Video size 1080p (60, 30 fps), 720p (120, 60, 30 fps), 480p (240 fps)
Video format H.264 codec, MP4
Angle of view 90° (optional 96°. 142°)
LED (8x):  
Color temperature 5000 K
Light intensity 28000 mcd
Light current 26 lm
Efficiency 103 lm/W
Electrical characteristic values:  
max. current  12V: 4,8A / 5V: 1,2 A
Supply voltage  230V AC or 5V/12V DC
Protection class IP64*
Certificates CE certified
Subject to changes and errors

*only with rotating window and sealing air admission of min. 0.3 bar.
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